New Release:


1) Improve Corner-point grid NNC calculations
2) Fixed a bug in processing faults Key word
3) Handle MULTX-,MULTY-,MULTZ- now
4) Added SHUTIN Keyword to shut well in downhole condition, all perforations are pluged-off and no cross-flows are allowed. Zero rate is a surface shutin where cross-flows are allowed if cross-flow option is selected.
5) Fixed bugs in well recompletions chang with time.
6) Fixed reporting bug on FVIT.
7) fixed reporting bug on cross-flows rates while well is shutin.
8) Improved processing of multiple BLACK OIL PVT tables.
9) Fixed reporting error of WVIR of a compositional model.
10) Fixed a bug on counting aquifer cells.
11) Fixed a bug of recovery factor for dry gas.
12) Fixed a bug on tubing head pressure calculation.