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2017/12/12: New for v1.1

New features of XXsim and Eclipse to XXsim converter:

1) Added DUALPORO module in XXsim and conversions of keywords for dual poro model: DUALPORO, GRAVDR,   DUPNUM, DZMATRIX, MULTMF.

2)  Added conversions of Well Group constraints.

3) Added conversion of keywords related to faults;

4) Improved the conversion of BOX, MULTIPLY, ADD, EQUALS, MINVALUE, MAXVALUE, so that all the legal arrays   could be converted properly now.

5) Added conversions of keywords: MULTIREG, MULTREGT, MULTREGH;

6) Added conversion of keyword WPIMULT.

7) Thermal model conversion.

8) Add _xx to the converted eclipse data file.

9) Output region and group rates and cumulative in smspec and unsmry files.

10) And fixed some bugs.

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