New Release


New Features:

  1. Added a third party XSOLVER. (much faster for black oil models)
  2. Co2 Sequestration/CO2STORE. (Three Phase EOS model only)
  3. Multiple EOS regions. (Compositional model only)
  4. Added Relperm End-Points: SWMAX, KRWCW, KRGCG array
  5. Injection of Steam(quality=100%)+N2 + CO2. (thermal model only)
  6. Well On Time Factor
  7. Wellbore Cross Flow
  8. 9-point formulations for black oil and compositional models

Major Bugs Fixed:

  1. Wrong results in Dual Porosity/dual permeability model using XSOLVER
  2. XYPLOT errors on rates, of Well, Group, Region and Field
  3. Oil Compressibility (Coil) = 0.0 in Multi-PVT regions. (black oil model only)
  4. Re-completion errors in schedule section
  5. Initialization errors of complex system
  6. ZVAR/KVAR reading errors
  7. Unit Conversion errors
  9. Plot errors of restarted run
  10. Restart error for Model with Metric Unit
  11. Oil Viscosity using correlations of AVISC, BVISC (thermal model only)


  1. Stability and CPU run time of Co2 injection (Compositional model only)